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Company Profile

Shenzhen XianLin Technology Co,.Ltd is a company mainly engaged in digital product development, production, marketing as one of the producers. The company is committed to research and development of high-tech electronic products, Xlintek is located in Shenzhen China, mainly for the domestic and export to international markets in Europe and America. The factory began specializing in the production of Android tv box and Air Mouse etc manufacturers. The independent development of digital products, quality first, reputation assurance based on a good channel for business philosophy and strong international products technical background support.

Xlintek to high-quality products and the integrity of the" quality is the reputation, is to develop the service" to enter the competition android tv box series, create the market more cost-effective first-class brand digital products. The company is committed to the development of domestic and foreign markets, has been successfully promoting the numerous partners, ( such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Harbin, Xi'an, Chengdu, Kunming, Urumchi, Suzhou, Haikou, Fuzhou and so on ).
Xlintek is based on the android digital, has focused on technology research and development, we have a strong and powerful and vibrant R & D team," Xlintek" high-quality products thanks to our experienced development, production engineers and skilled industrial workers. The company in the years of operating with" good faith" business philosophy, is committed to let consumers buy in the rest assured, the use of comfort. The company to high-quality, low-priced products of human nature, the success of establishing their own brand image and factories, and domestic and foreign partners set up long-term cooperation, actively to undertake OEM orders and foreign trade orders. The company continued innovation, and actively meet the challenges of high-tech, continuous research and development of more competitive products, and we hope that our business partners grow together, we will take every practical step. With the rapid development and strength beyond each threshold, in order to attract more talents to join Xlintek team, together to create the future.

Let's do together and make the future amazing!